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known of him? He seems to be a very mysterious person.” “I shouldn’t mind betting you,” said Corinna, “that

you and I are the only people in Paris who are aware of his daughter in Brant?me.” “Why should he single us out for such a confidence?” asked Martin. “He sai

  • of them is in it with Fo
  • rtinbras,” Corinna smiled
  • with ironic indulgence. “No
  • ne,” said Martin, “had his
  • peculiar magnetic quality
  • . Not even the member of
  • Parliament. But,” he c
  • ontinued after a pause, “is


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d last night that he was giving us a bit of his heart because we were good children—it wa

s quite touching—but why should we be the only ones to have a bit of his heart?” “Would you like to know?” asked Corinna, meeting his eyes full. “I should.” “He told me before you turned up at the Petit Cornichon, this morning, that you interested him as a sort of celestial freak.” “I’m not sure whether to take that as a compliment or

not,” replied Martin, pausing in the act of rolling a cigarette. “It’s tantamount to calling me an infernal ass.” At this show of spirit the girl swiftly changed her tone. “Y

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